Kosova Hakkinda

Kosovo provides an area of 10,887 km² and a population of 2,100,000 (1993 estimate). Kosovo borders with Montenegro to the northwest, with the Central Serbia to the North and East, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the south, and Albania to the southwest. The largest cities are Pristina the capital, with estimated 500,000 inhabitants, and Prizren in the southwest with 120,000: five other towns have populations in excess of 50,000.

Religions: Islam, Catholic, Orthodox

Geographical regions

Geographic Position: Kosovo stretches between 41''52' and 43''16' north geographical latitude and 19''59' and 21''16' of the east geographical longitude.

Rrafshi i Dukagjinit (''Dukagjin plateau'') is the large basin at the west of the province. The region includes the towns of Istok, Peja, Decani, Gjakova, and Prizren. The second largest region is Fusha Kosoves (''Kosovo field''), a basin around the Sitnica river containing the cities of Ferizaj, Pristina, Vushtria, and Mitrovica.


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