Places To Visit

Monuments of Pristina and vicinity
Tjerrtorja (The statue of the sitting goddess)
Ulpiana (City Necropolis, 4-6th centuries)
Gracanica Monastery (14-15th centuries)
Faith Mosque (15th century)
Museum of Kosovo

Monuments of Prizren and vicinity
Lidhja e Prizrenit (June 10, 1878)
Hamam (Turkish Bath, 17th century)
Sinan Pasha (mosque, 1615)
Kalaja e Prizrenit (Prizren Fortress)
Serbian Orthodox Church (Bogorodica Ljeviska Cathedral)
The church of the Christ Saviour (14th century)

Monuments of Peja and vicinity
Gryka e Rugoves - Albanian Alps
Deçan Monastery (14th century)
The Patriarchate (13-14th century)
Mirusha waterfalls

Monuments of Ferizaj and vicinity
Shpella e Gadimes (marble cave)

Monuments of Gjakova and vicinity
Xhamia Hadumit (mosque 1595)
Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (16th-19th centuries)

Hotels by cities